Cognivate Rehab Ltd

Cognivate is an independent interdisciplinary team which provides specialist neurorehabilitation to adults with acquired brain injury [ABI].  Established in January 2021 by Professor Jane Powell (our CEO and neuropsychologist) and two co-founders, we are a private independent provider.

For each client we bring together the relevant combination of neuropsychology, occupational therapy [OT], physiotherapy, and speech and language therapy [SLT] to enhance their independence, participation, and quality of life by working with them in their homes and community settings, places of work/education, and online. 

Although some of our clients are self-funding the majority are referred and funded through medicolegal routes.  In every case we work in close liaison with the client, key family members, and any other professionals who are involved in their overall care and rehabilitation; this often includes case managers, solicitors, and other independent or NHS clinicians.

We provide goal-focused interventions and support tailored to the individual needs and resources of people whose ABI has given rise to problems across a wide range of severity and complexity.  Some are highly dependent on others for care in many areas of their life; others may be managing their home lives entirely independently but are encountering some difficulties with resuming important leisure, education, or work activities.  

Our framework utilises the demonstrably effective ‘contractually organised goal-setting’ (COGS) model developed and evaluated by Dr Powell and colleagues, and ongoing research and development involving all therapists is a central feature of our ethos: we seek to ensure excellence in our interventions and to contribute to advancing rehabilitation practice nationally and internationally.