At least 10% of children in the UK have a speech, language and communication need (with delays disproportionately affecting disadvantaged children). As language is fundamental for learning and social interaction, the effects of early communication difficulties can extend far beyond childhood, leading to poorer literacy, mental health and employability in adulthood. Early intervention is crucial, however in the current system, children are left waiting months before they can even be assessed. We see an opportunity to use advances in AI, LLM and Conversational AI to disrupt the status quo of speech therapy by driving efficiencies, reducing cost and increasing access. We will deliver a high value, high impact service for less whilst, intrinsically, (i) generating a rare dataset (that currently does not exist) and (ii) self-training its models to provide a unique competitive advantage to be the market leader in AI speech therapy solution. 
Ogma harnesses the power of AI to make speech and language therapy more effective and accessible for families. To learn more, check out OGMA: online speech therapy with AI co-pilot.