Autism Bristol Ltd

We are a specialist Speech Therapy company based in Bristol.  All of our clients are absolutely glorious and neurodiverse!  Therapy is based on what they like and what interests them and what is fun!  We see little ones, school-aged children, teenagers and young adults.  The world of neurodiversity drives our thirst for knowledge and skills.  We are constantly learning and applying new therapy techniques.  Everything we do is functional as it's all about the clients. 

Autism Bristol Ltd
The easiest way to describe the job is to tell you what we already do.  We have fun, we play, we are creative and design therapy according to what each amazing client is interested in and we form a connection.  Our work is intertwined with families, educational staff and other talented therapists.   What can you expect: Each day will bring you happiness, laughter, and a challenge or two. Therapy curves and wraps around the person and you know when you have it right because that's when you feel the connection. (On top of your usual assessments, of course!) Each child / young person will make you think. Learning about Autism and neurodiversity means learning about life, emotions, relationships, thoughts, behaviour and what is important for happiness, confidence and joy.  The learning is limitless! If you want to come and play and learn, then this is the job for you.
Job Start Date:
September 2024
Band 6
Full time Part time / Job share
South West England