The Springfields Academy

The Springfields Academy is a Specialist School for autistic pupils and those with speech, language and communication needs, aged 4-19 based in Calne, Wiltshire.We aspire to build safe independent lives for autistic young people through support, understanding and enablement. Additionally, we hold the National Autistic Society Advanced specialist award and are recognised as an Ofsted good school.

We are proud of our ‘Therapy First’ culture and have our own multi- disciplinary Therapy Team and bespoke Therapy Houses. 

We are an acknowledged centre of excellence for Autism; we are highly reflective in our practices, and are continually working to improve our provision and practices. We provide a personalised curriculum journey that enables leaners with a diagnosis of autism to develop skills in areas of need and to overcome their barriers to learning. The drive to build ‘safe Independent lives’ shapes this curriculum and everything else that we do. The Academy has a PAN of 210, rising to 250 September 2024