Al Karamah School

Al Karamah School was opened in January 2019 by Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge
(ADEK) and is operated by Priory Education and Children’s Services (PECS). PECS is the UK largest
independent provider of people of determination education with 37 schools and further education
colleges, 22 of these are schools that support children and young people with Autism.
Al Karamah School has been specifically designed for young people with autism and associated learning
difficulties. The school offers a personalised, stimulating, and enriched education for Primary and
Secondary pupils. It is the first school to provide these services in the United Arab Emirates and will
support children and young people.
The school curriculum provides a suitably differentiated curriculum appropriate for pupils with a social
communication disorder developed to engage and encourage pupils to be involved in their learning.
Attention is given to specific learning needs associated with weak visual sequential memory, weak
problem-solving skills, weak written language skills and unrefined handwriting. The school follows the
British Curriculum and provides a functional framework from Pre-National Curriculum (P Levels) P2 to P8
and National Curriculum Level 1 to National Curriculum Level 9.