Joy Center is a trio of international clinics, serving children, families, and individuals from around the world. We are proud to be a Tricare provider, along with accepting all civilian insurance plans (BCBS, Aetna, Cigna). We are able to support the emotional, social, and developmental needs of children from all US military bases located in Italy. With locations in Vicenza (U.S. Army Garrison), Aviano (Aviano Air Base), and Gricignano (US Naval Base), we are a close resource for military families whose children may need extra support.  

Every child is a unique being. That’s why the pediatric occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and psychologists at Joy Center design and develop an individualized program for each child and family. Through the individualized approach, children are able to build the foundation for key developmental areas that directly impact learning, building self-esteem, initiating problem-solving, resolving peer conflict, and building relationships – with lasting impact.