Anderson Neurological and Developmental Services

Anderson was born from a desire to provide a more personal, specialised, and holistic rehabilitation service. Since its conception in 2010, Ruth Anderson has led and shaped the company to where we are today — a renown, superior provider in neurological rehabilitation and disability services. 

Treating from early childhood to the elderly, our comprehensive range of services are readily available and accessible.

We are a visionary, innovative, and authentic organisation. Our purpose is to inspire individuals to seek and express their unique identity. In this pursuit, we are imaginative, ambitious, continually turning ideas and aspirations into reality as we endeavour to make the world a better place.

With an innate desire to nurture and support others, we strive to create a real sense of stability and safety in the lives of those we encounter. 

Genuine relationships — with individuals, families, and communities — define us. We truly want to see people succeed, grow into themselves, and become confident individuals with independence and unlimited opportunities. We believe with the right framework, people will thrive in those opportunities and reach their goals.