Ruskin Mill Trust

Ruskin Mill Trust is an educational charity that operates in England, Scotland and Wales, offering exciting outdoor learning environments, utilising practical land and craft activities to support the development of work and life skills in young people with autism and other learning difficulties.

Ruskin Mill Trust’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education combines the insights from Rudolf Steiner’s educational inspiration and understanding of human phasic development, and is inspired by the work of John Ruskin and William Morris. Working with hand, head, heart and place, through practical activities, performing arts, therapies, culture and social enterprise, Ruskin Mill Trust help individuals to re-imagine their potential.

Ruskin Mill Trust
Glasshouse College is part of Ruskin Mill Trust, a leading charitable organisation providing innovative and experiential education and training for young people marginalised by disadvantage, exclusion or special learning needs. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner, William Morris and John Ruskin, the college actively promotes the industrial heritage of the Black Country, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship in traditional and contemporary industry and crafts. The College provides an innovative and diverse Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE) curriculum and our students benefit from an extensive range of nutritional, therapeutic and medical support in each college. Each core element of the educational cycle is designed to establish active and positive relationships with nature and the community through a holistic approach to human development. This supports three key stages: overcoming barriers to learning; becoming skilled and being ready to engage and give back to the community....
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