The Speech Therapy Practice

We are a small independent team of specialists and provide assessment and treatment to a number of different client groups.


Our Paediatric specialists see children in clinic to deliver therapy on a one-to-one basis, they liaise with schools and nurseries and deliver school-based services as needed. Some children with complex needs are seen in home or school environments as part of a multidisciplinary team and are provided with communication and dysphagia intervention.


Our Dysphagia specialists carry out clinic-based assessments and treatment using a variety of tools and techniques to provide bespoke rehabilitative programmes.


Our Neuro team work with individuals experiencing a variety of communication and swallowing disorders. We work with other members of the multidisciplinary team including Physios, OT’s Psychologists, Assistive Technology Specialists and Case Managers.


Many of our clients are going through a litigation process following an accident, we work closely with Solicitors and families to support them to receive timely personalised and effective treatments.


We use a variety of therapeutic interventions from Palin therapy to LSVT, we see people for a few sessions to many months.


Funding for services comes from many different sources including, Charities, Insurers, Local Authorities, Employers as well as self-funders.


Everyone in the team is passionate and enthusiastic about the work they do. We are constantly striving to learn more and deliver the best therapy we can. We see ourselves as a family, looking out for and supporting each other. Whilst we are excited to grow and expand our team having the right person to work with us who shares our values and enthusiasm is crucial to our recruitment.