Slated Row is a school built on hope, dignity and respect where everybody is valued and treated as an individual. We believe that everyone has the right to success and for that success to be celebrated. We have a professional approach to education whilst keeping a family feel. Our school community is built on restorative principles which encourage good behavior and a positive attitude to learning.

Our vision at Slated Row is to offer the best educational opportunities in a friendly, safe, stimulating environment where laughter is encouraged. We aim to put everyone at the center of their own learning journey which will help them to reach their full potential and prepare them for life beyond Slated Row:

 Provide a stimulating, secure and happy learning environment with equal opportunities;

Develop everyone's intellectual, creative and physical skills to their full potential;

Encourage everyone's social and emotional growth by fostering positive relationships;

Develop the independence, self-belief and resilience of pupils within a wider multi ethnic society;

develop pupils' self-esteem, confidence and their own voice;

develop pupils’ work and life skills and thus their employability;

create a welcoming community that offers positive support to all those who are involved with the school.

Offering support, advice, training and resources to all involved with the school;

Efficient systems and technology to inform learning, performance and to ensure the smooth running of the school.